Search Engine Optimisation

Here is How it Works

Search Engine Optimisation need not be a complicated art form. We provide a range of SEO services to suit companies of all sizes. Just get in touch to discuss your needs and we can build a package to suit your businesses marketing.

Our most popular SEO service is our SEO Strategy Package. Here’s what you get:

1.  Initial Consultation

First we’ll make a quick review of your site. Once we’ve got an initial feel we’ll want to have a quick session with you to get to know your business better.
The key things we want to learn from you are:
  • Understand your businesses objectives current and future
  • Gain an insight into competitive landscape
  • Understand your target customer profile

2. Proposed Strategy

Based on our initial consultation and our own in depth research research of your market as well as our SEO expertise we’ll put together a detailed SEO Strategy Report that will provide you and your business with a blueprint to dramatically improve the online elements of your business.
Our strategy reports vary in length and content from project to project but you can typically expect a written report of over 5,000 words, written in a clear concise manner. In addition we can arrange a face to face or verbal de-brief session if required.
The main topics covered in your SEO Strategy report will be:
  • Keyword research
  • Site Content
  • Competitor Site Analysis
  • Site code/technical plan
  • Site Structure
  • Link building strategy
  • Site reporting/ analysis tools

3. No Guarantees

SEO is more of an art form rather than a science. Any company that guarantees you number one rankings for any keyword should never be trusted. While many SEO companies use ‘black hat’ techniques that only deliver short term results we focus on using honest, sustainable SEO strategies that will help your business rank much higher.

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